Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1 Down, 29 to go


1. Learn how to start my business and sell on DONE!
2. Volunteer to do something I have never done before (like work in a soup kitchen)
3. Buy new work wardrobe so I look like a real human being at my job, not a slob. With a budget
4. Body Package Plan - Lose 5 pounds. Work out 4 days a week, no excuses
5. Spirit Package Plan - Read 1 chapter or more of the scriptures per night, Attend Temple 2 x’s a month (already do this), Stop Cussing!!, give someone Book of Mormon, (Bonus: Do a family name at the temple if I can get my hands on one)
6. Write in my Journal every Sunday
7. Don’t look at or any other celeb new websites for 1 whole week!
8. Pay for some random person’s meal at a restaurant
9. Pay for bridge toll for a few cars behind me
10. Make a teeny cute outfit for Hailey my niece
11. Visit a friend at the nursing home
12. Cook a full course meal for friends
13. Bike in Critical Mass -OR- Bike the entire Iron Horse Trail (Michelle, you in on this one?!)
14. Get a new hair color and cut…something different…darker maybe? Shorter? She-mullet?
15. Watch movies I’ve never seen and don’t really care to see but I know everyone else has seen them so I feel I have to watch them eventually…but probably never will unless I do it now. *Lord of the Rings (maybe extended versions, but they might make me want throw myself off my balcony), Star Trek
16. Buy prints of professional family pictures we took last year that I never bought because I was too cheap
17. Invest in a Roth IRA
18. Get a spray tan just because
19. Cut out all baby burial gowns for “Madeline project”. WORKING ON TONIGHT!
20. Look into the CMP (Certified Meeting Planner) Test, figure out ALL details for taking it
21. Go to the Scottish Games
22. Make cookies for all of my neighbors & my visiting teachees
23. Two days with no TV (this one will be tough and I better do it before all my shows come back on!)
24. Go Thrifting (yah, I’ve done this a ton, but I really want to start going more so this can be my starting point for buying tons and tons of randomness!)
25. Create GIANT artwork on canvas with Callie for our living room wall
26. Watch another movie I’ve never seen but need to…”Schindler's List"
27. Go Rock Climbing (indoors)
28. Get a facial
29. Go to the SF Zoo and volunteer.
30.Ghiradelli Chocolate Festival!

Holy hell just looking at this makes me nervous and overwhelmed...but I have 1 whole month.... I GOT THIS!! And my "no cussing starts tomorrow". I have to allow myself a few expletives when I am cutting fabric tonight for 4 hours. Sewing just brings it out of Mel Gibson.

Wish me luck!


  1. Julie, You crack me up!! I haven't seen or talked to you forever. Your list is awesome, just reading it inspires me to do better and be better. I need to make a list of my own. I wish you were closer so we could hang out..I hope all is well for you and.good luck with your list!

  2. Jules, this is so awesome!!! It inspired me as to what to get you for your birthday present : ) I LOVE your list, and like your friend Heidi said, it has inspired me to motivate myself to do more and get more out of life. You can do it!!! I love you!!! : )

  3. Such a fabulous idea!! I have been thinking about what to do with my 30th birthday... plans have been running through my head. This is such a great list! Good luck with it all!!