Monday, September 27, 2010

Kayaking with a Silver Fox

A few years ago for Father's Day I told my dad his present was a day kayaking with me. And 2 years later we FINALLY kayaked! My dad had gone before out in New York a few months ago, but I had never been so I was a little nervous. Little did I know I had nothing to worry about!

Saturday we borrowed 2 kayaks from some of my dad's friends and took them to a little lake out in Oakdale. It was really close to my dad's house, which was nice because all we had to do was roll out of bed (well, on my part...I rolled out of bed but my dad had been up for a few hours as usual) and drive to the lake! It was a perfect day to be outside. It was warm and borderline hot, but bearable, and the water was nice and cool.

Perfecting our skills on land

Once we figured out how to put the seats in the kayaks everything ran smooth from there. As we paddled around my dad kept trying to scare me saying there were snakes in the grassy marsh areas we were paddling around. I tried not to think about that... But really, the lake was so nice, and it kind of reminded us of the marsh lands in Florida or something...minus the crocs.

Paddling around with my dad for a few hours was a great way to spend my Saturday. We had some good talks and fun times!

PS. This is taking the place of my "bike ride the whole Iron Horse Trail" goal I had made :)

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