Thursday, September 2, 2010

Second one Done...almost

Gooday! Just sitting here feeding my face with Dry Roasted Edamame...WASABI flavored! Every now and then I get a really spicy one, but I am finding it hard to type cause my hand keeps on going right back in the bag to get more. It's almost like I enjoy the shock and pain of eating a really hot one so I just keep eating more to see what happens next, even though I know the outcome. It hurts so good.

Last night I busted out my sewing scissors and got to work cutting up old wedding gowns. Yup! I am so bitter about not being married that I steal bride-to-be's dresses and cut them up to make dishrags. Ok, that's a lie, but I really did cut up a bunch of dresses.
Let me explain...

I just started working with a charity called the Mary Madeline Project
( that makes baby burial gowns for "grieving families that have suffered the death of a baby. Baby burial gowns and blankets are given to Neonatal Intensive Care Units for babies who die in the neonatal period. They are also given to labor and delivery units for stillbirths. "

What they do is send you a big box of wedding gowns and little patterns. You can cut and sew at your leisure, and when you are done, you send the box full of baby gowns back for them to give away. My GM at work started working with a while ago, and she let me know about it. I figured it would be a great way to do something I liked, while helping others out. I had been looking for something I could volunteer my time with for a while, and I am really grateful to have found this one. My mom always wanted to get involved with stuff like this too, so I know she is happy I am doing this.

Can I just tell you, there is sooooo much fabric in these dresses! I cut out about 20 little gowns from 1 dress...and there is more to come. I am going to cut more out tonight and hopefully finish the cutting process so I can assemble them next month.

This is a long post and I don't want to bore you anymore, so I will just leave you with some photos from last night.

always a bridesmaid?! :) My engaged friends better be nice to me or I'll threaten to wear one of these hot numbers to their wedding!


  1. hahahaha, excellent photos. jules i love you. this is awesome. i've never heard of this charity, but it sounds like a great idea!

  2. I really love this... I think I will want to do it too. Nice job. Are you going to cut up your Ricks wedding dress? ahahahahahahaha That dress and its damn boning...

    Oops... cannot not swear either? =)