Thursday, September 16, 2010


I have known Luella my whole life. She was my Sunday school teacher when I was just a wee little thing, and for someone I have barely seen in the past 10 years, she sure does a good job of remembering me! Without fail I get a birthday card every year, and every letter I get has "you are special" written on the outside. Am I silly that that "you are special" actually does make me feel special? I guess it's cause I know she does think I am special (well, not "special"...but maybe?! haha).

Have you ever known someone so thoughtful and caring that never forgets you, and that you wish you visited more, but never seem to make time for? I wanted to do this 30 before 30 thing not only to do exciting things I've never done before, but also to set myself up in habits that I want to keep the next 30 years. I always would tell myself to go visit Luella, but life gets busy and distracting. So, that changes now. I went to see her on Tuesday night and we had a wonderful visit. She is so funny and so easy to talk to. I'm not sure of her actual age, but I'm guessing she's in her 90's, but she is so with it! Anyway, we had a great talk and I will be back to see her more often from now on.

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