Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In a Mood

Gosh I've been such a Blog loser lately. I was so pumped about my 30 before 30 for the first 2 weeks, but I totally hit a wall this weekend. I love it, but it's kind of exhausting thinking about finishing all of it! I am not giving up, and all of the stuff on my list is totally doable, but I'm just tired.

It didn't help that this weekend I was in a crappy mood, which really only happens on occasion...but I hate it! Being in a funk sucks, but I guess we all have our "down" moments where we think about too much of the bad stuff in our lives and start to feel sorry for ourselves.

Bad attitude and all, I still marked 2 more things off my list AND got to spend time with some great friends!

Saturday Kim, Rachel, and I went thrifting! We only made it to 2 places, but it was still fun to hang with such cool ladies, and we did have some good finds.

The first place was an Army Navy Surplus shop off Washinton Ave. in Fremont. I admit, I looked this one up on Yelp, and the reviews were horrible, but I had to see for myself! It sounded like such a cool place. Well, the reviews were dead on. This place was sketchy!! It was dirty, the man at the counter was a creeper, and everything was WAY overpriced. But on the plus side of the 2 minutes we spent in there (I really wanted a shower after that one), Kim found a super cool Marines shirt!

The next stop was in Fremont as well, and I think it was called the Hope Station or something like that. I didn't find much, but I did find a cool Leather Fossil messenger bag for 10 bucks, and a leather belt for $3.
I love this bag! I've been looking for a good messenger-ish bag for a while now
...the search is over!

I like how the leather's worn

On Sunday we crossed another thing off my list and watched "Schindler's List". I had never seen it, even though I knew the premise of it ahead of time...it was still hard to watch. I wasn't really shocked by much of it (well, maybe a little of it) because I know what went on, but it just made the history of it all more real to me. I don't think watching that movie helped my mood either. It's hard to believe that so many people were murdered, and what especially blows my mind is how evil people can be to be ok with taking someone else's life. Definitely a must see.

And now it's Tuesday and my mood is a lot more sunny than this weekend! Maybe it's because of the thing I crossed off my list last night! I'll have to share that one with you later.


  1. you can do it!! i have never been thrifting before either.

  2. WOW!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my leather Fossil bag!!! (it was much more pricey but that was my crazy ebay story) You are going to love it! They hold up so well!!!