Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Channeling Jackson Pollock

For a while Callie and I have talked about putting something up on our big blank wall in our living room, and right when I decided to do my 30 before 30 we figured nothing would be cooler than painting our own canvas!

I don't know why I try to do these awkward sexy poses. I need help.

Callie getting to work!

We really didn't have a system, we just went for it. I think that was the best part about it! We talked about what we thought would look good as we painted, but we kind of just let it happen.

It took us a minute to figure out what color we wanted in the middle

And we decided on Orange with some bright yellow splatters!

The final product.
I feel like this is Callie and my love child! haha. Well, as close to a love child as we would ever get. But really, it was a fun roommate thing to do, and we both LOVE how it turned out!! Maybe I am just partial because we had so much fun painting it, and because it's ours, but don't you think it looks awesome!?

Sitting proud

No more space to paint on the canvas? Not to worry

I am special


  1. Oh, nice work!! I think the canvas looks good too ;0)


  2. I like that she left out that she had to keep telling me to stop hitting her with paint. It wasnt even intentional. Iguess thats what happens with a splatter paint project! I love this painting and what a beautiful love child!

  3. You guys did an AMAZING job!!! I absolutely love it!!! I want one : ) Nice work, you guys make beautiful "love children." : )

  4. it looks great! i think we might have to try this out too.

  5. Um... If I was there I would have given you a butt print. =)