Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hello from INDIA!

HELLO FROM INDIA!!  For some reason I am finding it difficult to get a new blog started from here, so for now I am going to post from my old 30 before 30 blog that I started 30 days prior to turning 30, and promptly abandoned it once I hit the big 30 :).  The name of my new blog was supposed to be "For the Love".  Below is my first post.  I will try my best to post often!

"Why is it that it takes me forever to get something started? I don't consider myself a perfectionist but for some reason it took me 2 days just to come up with a blog name. "For the Love" for now is a personal blog of my experiences in life. Some funny with a dose of sarcasm because I like to keep it real, as well as some wonderful experiences I am bound to have in the next 8 months. So, in some posts you will get the feel "For the Love! WTF am I doing in India?!", or you will get "For the Love...this place is amazing with BEAUTIFUL and KIND people".

I am so excited to finally blog about all the happenings of the past few days! Most of you that are reading this know that I decided to go volunteer in India until this November. Coming to the decision to spend 8 months in India came really quickly for me...unlike most other decisions I have made in my life. I usually have to weigh all my options, and considering it took me a couple of days to even come up with a blog name, you can probably imagine how long normal decisions take! But for some reason, coming to India just felt right and I jumped on the opportunity to come out here. And I am SO happy I did! Granted, it's only been a few days, but already I have felt such love from the people here. The Indian people are so sweet and generous. And the kids...OMG(yeah i just omg'd) are so cute! So far they are the best part about all of this. 

I am volunteering for an organization called Rising Star Outreach The people we work with either have or have had leprosy, and many of their children come to the Rising Star school for their education.   This is a great school and these kids are very lucky and blessed to be able to go here.  I will touch more on what goes on throughout my time here, but that gives you an idea."

Now time for the best part - PHOTOS!

 This is Hari (the little guy I sponsor) and G. Devi his friend.  She says she is his sister, but the other kids said she's not.  I'm not sure who to believe yet :)

 This is Nishanti.  She's a sweetheart! She showed me how to make little things out of the mango leaves my first day here.

 Crazy boys.  Don't pay attention to my sweaty, bloated looking self in this picture.  My body is finally adjusting better to the heat and all the traveling, but whoah what I feeling large and in charge the first few days!

I will post more later!  love jules