Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rock n' Roll

Monday night Ish was so kind as to come with me for my very first time Rock Climbing. She's a total pro and belayed (is that how you spell it??) me the whole time! My life felt very safe in her hands, even when I didn't understand the "repelling" part after I came down and kept hitting the wall :). She even let me borrow her rock climbing shoes because my were too bulky and my foot kept on cramping.

Verdict?: Climbing is such a rush!! I am positive I will go back and hopefully will improve the more I go. The first few walls were fine, but by the 7th and 8th I was DONE! My hands kept getting sweaty and slipping, I couldn't grip cause my muscles were too tight, and I couldn't hurl myself up to the higher knobs to grab. But, I hear for the first time I did ok...and either way, I had a lot of fun!

Ish, what are you doing down there?

Mine went limp :(

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