Thursday, September 23, 2010

There Once Was a Girl Named Oolie

Once upon a time there was a girl, lets call her Oolie, that had never gotten a facial before. One day she decided to get a bunch of her girlfriends together to go and have a facial "party" so they could get their facials done while sitting together, laughing, sharing stories, reading trashy mags, braiding eachother's hair...
Upon arriving to the spa, Oolie, Ittney, and Yeni were welcomed with a tray full of cheese and fruit!
So they ate

and ate...

and ate... (that block was full size at the beginning of the night)

and ...took? ("yes, this is happening"...said Ittney)

The three of them waited till one by one each of them got a revitalizing facial treatment full of masks, cleansing, and the most fun of all... Extractions (the removal of nasty blackheads...gross and awesome at the same time). Lucky for the facial lady, Oolie brought her a gold mine worth of extractions on her chin because let's be real, it was that time of the month and her hormones were battling her face and her face was losing.
Three hours later the 3 friends stepped out of the facial spa refreshed, feeling so fresh and so clean and ready to conquer the world!


  1. Extractions eh? I could go for some of that. =p

  2. what a fun idea. love the proper sendoff you're giving to your twenties!!