Monday, September 27, 2010


I have an addiction! It's true, I love celebrity gossip. It's a fact that I'm not ashamed to share with the world. All of that juicy news that doesn't involve me, but in some way makes me feel better about my own life :). Anyway, I went Perez-free for 1 whole week! For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about...let me fill you in. Perez Hilton is the guru of celebrity gossip. He can be kind of annoying, but he is always the first one to report celeb news. I wanted to see if I could go a week without reading about stupid celebrities and more importantly, reading since it seems to be my weakness. I always want to know what is going on with all these people I have never met, and I think I like it because it's totally brainless entertainment.

So, I did it...done and done. One week without looking at the web site. I admit at times it was difficult if I had a slow moment at work. Perez was always my default.

Nothing spectacular happened from not reading perez, but it did make me feel good knowing I could abstain from reading about all these peeps, and it helped me focus on getting more important things, I'm not sure what I got done instead of reading perez, but I'm pretty sure I looked at a lot more that week :) I am super smart.

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  1. I know, what is it about these people that intrigue us so? =p