Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Done! First One Done!

1. Learn how to sell my bags, camera cases, and whatever else I make on etsy.com

A few months ago I took a one time class at a fabric store in Berkeley teaching me how to start my own small business. It was a very informative class, but a little overwhelming...and I have yet to do anything with the information I learned. The follow-up to that class "Crafty Biz 2: Selling on Etsy", was tonight and it really made me excited to get started!

Now I just need to pull my head out of my butt and get started making and selling things. I know I am fully capable of doing it, but I tend to get easily distracted and pick social activities over starting my teeny tiny business. What can I say?! I love people and a party!

Anyway, the class tonight was super cool, and I do feel more at ease with selling my things. I can't plan to get this all up and running in 30 days, but at least this is a start of something good. Somehow putting this out into blog-land makes me feel more accountable for actually finishing what I start. Hear me now: I vow to start my business during the year of my big 30, even if it's a small business... I am going to do it.

Oh, and the restroom at the fabric store/class tonight had a bathtub in it along with a creepy curtain. I don't know why it was creepy to me, but the building is old and we were in the attic/top floor. Lots went through my mind in there and my best theory is that it's a tub full of dress form body parts. Like a dress form graveyard... but I was too creeped out to find out.

Well, it's way past my bedtime. Blogs are time consuming! I am working on my list of 30 things, and I think I will just unveil them as I do them. If anyone has suggestions I am open to hearing them! Crap! I don't even have one picked out to do tomorrow yet. Oh well, I will think about it at work... I have some ideas. You will just have to wait and see :)



  1. That's so cool that you went and took that class. Step one - check. Good luck getting to the actual crafting!

  2. How exciting! Yes, we'll keep you accountable. I have to agree about the creepiness of the tub.