Monday, August 30, 2010

Am i really up for this?

Hello everyone! I'd like to officially welcome myself to the world of blogging. It's my first time (that's what she said), and I hopefully can get the hang of this and not mess it up.

Today I realized I am just a day away from being 30 days out from my 30th birthday. In realizing this, I had the novel idea to post on facebook that maybe I should do something in those thirty days, like make-out with thirty guys (wishful thinking?). Realizing that this goal would be close to impossible to accomplish, out of my character, and actually super gross, I've decided to take a different route.

Starting tomorrow, for 30 days, I am going to do something every day that is significant and meaningful to my life, my progression, and to the life of others. Yes, I know, I probably should have started this a year ago so I could have filled my list with huge goals, trips, amazing big things, but it is what it is, and I am doing it now. Which kind of reminds me of this time at Utah State... I registered for Accounting on Independent Study. They gave me a year to finish the course. So, of course being the over achiever I was, I waited till the last 2 weeks of that year to start working on the course. If it wasn't for schmoozing my independent study teacher I would have failed flat out...but he passed me with a C+!

Well peeps, I can't schmooze my way out of this one, and I don't want to.

Stay tuned for some big thangs!


  1. how exciting! looking forward to seeing what's in store for you. it's a great idea. i've been trying to start a 40 before 40 list or 50 before 50. =p good luck and have fun!

  2. yay!!! i am so happy you did it and that i'm your first follower. can't wait to be a part of your blog posts and so excited to celebrate your bid day!

  3. OOOOO Im going to start thinking of things for you to do... like go to NYC... haha well, we will start low key... =)

  4. You are not going to be 30, I am too young. Congrats on you ambition, might I recommend seeing a symphony or theatre production. There are some very goods ones locally and in the city. I found that I enjoyed them once I matured enough to. Chelle

  5. I'm so excited to hear about what you do in the next 30 days! So please tell me what you have planned for your birthday, I need ideas!