Sunday, October 3, 2010

Feeling accomplished! ... and exhausted

Some of you may have wondered how my spray tan turned out. See for yourselves!
So, when the tanning salon lady said to put the "barrier cream" on my feet before I got in the tanning spray booth, I probably should have done a better job of it. But I got confused!
It looks like I have HOBBIT FEET! Minus the hair of course... And isn't this pic a lovely angle?

The night of my Bday me and a few friends went to SF for the Jimmy Eat World concert at the Warfield. I would write lots more about it, but I am rocking a 2 day long headache (playing soccer in the blazing sun yesterday did not help!), so I'll keep it short and let you just look at the pics.
Never a dull picture with kim


They sounded sooo good live!!

Kim and I almost moshing with all the white boys at this concert. It was like a white boy in plaid shirt convention.
Also, my fake tan makes me look like I have Jaundis, or that I ate too many carrots. Oh well, what can ya do!

These cute little young boys in front of us kept creeping farther and farther back until I was pretty much sitting on the garbage can behind me. Literally pinned in a corner...or a garbage can for that matter.

The guitarist looked like a way cuter version of Carson Daly

Look at how dark my ankles are! haha. Maybe its just my white cons.

One of the best Birthday's ever! And there is more blogging to come regarding that, but I am so sick of this freaking headache. I just took 2 Midol PM's because that's the only PM pills I had. Whatever works!

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic birthday!! What a way to bring in the next decade of your life!